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Roei Tal Architect


LEVANT Architects was established in 2013 by architect Roei Tal, Graduate of the Bezalel Architecture Department. Our team designed a wide variety of projects, including residential buildings, high density housing, TAMA 38 and urban renewal, as well as urban planning and public building design. We have experience in working with preservation structures, small house planning & interior design.

We believe that every project has its own identity and story, and pay close attention to identifying and characterizing the unique features and traits of each project. We are focused on architectural planning and design, with an emphasis on functionality and program maximization.

Our goal is to achieve a structure of high architectural qualities that express the uniqueness of both structure and location.

Levant Architects is located in Tel Aviv and takes an active role in the planning of Tel Aviv, as well as other parts of Israel.

Some of Our Clients

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